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Frequently Asked Questions

Does QUELL Headache & Wellness Centers take medical insurance?

Many of our services including initial consultation, diagnostic testing, and treatment options are covered by typical health insurance. We are credentialed with most commercial health insurance plans and Medicare. That said, some of our cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment regimens are not yet covered by health insurance. Accordingly, we offer cash MEMBERSHIP and a la carte options for non-covered procedures and treatments.

Which services are currently offered at each location?

As we grow and expand our services, we will do our best to keep current patients updated through our patient portal and through official announcements. You may also see advertisements in the mail and online when new services come on-line. Ask our medical team re: any specific treatments you are considering.

Which physicians are on staff at this time?

We currently have a board-certified neurologist (Dr. Michael Snyder) and allergist and clinical immunologist (Dr. Patrick Win) on staff at both QUELL locations. We also have APP (advanced practice providers) who may also help in your care at our centers. Our psychiatric, psychotherapy, and wellness services will be added as we continue to grow. Look for additional QUELL locations in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area in the coming year, and for additional announcements on this website and via the patient portal for more information! 

What forms of payment to you accept?

We currently accept cash, check, credit, debit, and HSA cards. We expect payment at the time services are rendered. Given the time and nature of our new patient and follow-up appointment slots, we take credit card reservations for “no call, no show” patients. Please see our full financial policy that outlines our fees for missed appointments.

What treatment options are currently available at QUELL?

Dr. Snyder will offer FDA and non-FDA approved treatments for acute and chronic migraine. This includes access to home and in-office biologics and BOTOX injection services. Dr. Win will offer diagnostic and therapeutic allergy options for those suffering from allergic disease.  As we expand, we plan to offer novel treatments including ketamine, TMS, hyperbaric oxygen, IV fluid hydration, massage therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy and other wellness options including yoga and integrative medicine when our new state-of-the-art facilities are complete. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available! 

Do you really offer same-day services for the treatment of acute migraine (status migrainosus)?

Yes! Don’t suffer another long wait in the emergency department again! We have a limited number of spots at our Shiloh and Maryville locations for acute treatment of migraine. Treatments offered may be covered or non-covered services by typical medical insurance. We will make sure you are fully aware of both covered and non-covered service options, and the price for your team’s suggested covered (copays, deducible, and coinsurance may apply) and non-covered (cash only) treatment options.  

What happens at my first visit?

Dr. Snyder and your core team will first assess your headache condition and determine what if any diagnostic testing is required to determine the cause of your headaches. Additional healthcare providers will be involved in your U-CENTERED CARE™️ – and add may add additional diagnostic and treatment options. While it make take a few visits to meet with all of our subspecialists, you can relax in knowing your team can address many if not all of comorbid conditions that are related to and responsible for your headache in QUELL offices ALONE. No more traipsing all over the region to find YET ANOTHER healthcare provider to assist in your care. One Center. One Team. Your Health. Unparalleled Teamwork and Communication. It’s U-CENTERED CARE™️ by QUELL.